The first gin made in France inspired by the Cape Route


Inspired by the Cape Route, Bartolomeo® is a French gin made in the Charente-Maritime region also renowned for its cognac, whose main ingredients come from the spice trade. This unique selection offers a surprising gin: peppery at first, the palette then opens to fresh and expressive citrus aromas. Round and smooth, Bartolomeo® is perfect for mixology.

92 points,
Ultimate Spirits Challenge, gin. 2023.

Silver medal,
San Francisco World Spirits Competition, gin. 2023.

Silver medal,
The Spirits Business, gin masters. 2022.

Gold medal, IWSC, Design & Média category. 2018.

Silver medal, The Spirits Business, gin masters. 2018.

Silver medal, The Spirits Design Masters. 2018.





The story of Bartolomeo® is closely linked to the spice trade: it is while looking at the similarities between Lisbon and Goa; two cities lying hundreds of miles apart but still comparable by their architecture and living atmosphere; that the idea of the Europe-Asia sea route came to us.


Opened by the navigator Bartolomeu Dias after his round of the Cape of Good Hope at the tip of Africa - near Cape Town - the Cape Route led to a new maritime route for the trade of luxury goods including rare spices, present in Bartolomeo’s recipe.


In 1478 Bartolomeu Dias sailed around the Cape of Good Hope for the first time. More than 500 years later, Bartolomeo® becomes the first gin made in France, inspired by the Cape Route and spice trade.

The name "Bartolomeo" is a tribute to the Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias (Bartolomeo in French), who was the first man to  go around the Cape of Good Hope opening afterwards the Cape Route and spice trade by sea.


Among the main spices that were exchanged, coriander, melegueta pepper, angelica root, cardamom and ginger, are all present in Bartolomeo®. With the help of the master distiller, kaffir lime and Timut pepper were selected and added to the recipe to bring citrus flavors, complexity and balance to Bartolomeo®.

Bartolomeo®'s bottle design has been inspired by the azulejos, the famous painted tiles found in Portuguese architecture. Geometric and elegant, these typical mosaics circle the bottle with a colorful stripe, while partially revealing its transparency and ocean-blue color.


An astrolabe, this ancient instrument of navigation and symbol of maritime voyages, is featured on both the bottle cap and the label. Made out of wood, it recalls as well the caravels, directly linked to Bartolomeu Dias’ adventures.

Paris - Lisboa - Cape Town - Goa


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