The main ingredients have been chosen from the original spices that were traded at the time of the spice trade: coriander, melegueta pepper, angelica root, cardamom, and ginger, in addition to juniper, the essential ingredient in the elaboration for any gin. Thanks to our master distiller, two other rare ingredients have been added to the recipe for a perfect balance between citrus and spice: Timut pepper and kaffir lime.


Selected for its flavor and rarity, Timut pepper grows in the Nepalese mountains and is only harvested by hand. Surprisingly, this "fake pepper" renders citrus aromas and not pepper! Only citrus fruit in the recipe and picked in Madagascar and the Reunion Island, kaffir lime is what gives Bartolomeo® its lemon and yuzu flavors.


the process

The aromatic palate of Bartolomeo® is a remarkable balance of spice and citrus aromas. Timut pepper, coriander and melegueta pepper lead the way to delicate notes of kaffir lime and yuzu. Round and smooth, Bartolomeo® is ideal in mixology.

Bartolomeo® is produced in three steps in the Charente-Maritime region of France, also renowned for its Cognac.

The eight ingredients are collected in the cellar and macerate in a mix of alcohol and local water that is sourced next to the distillery. This first step is done gently, to extract a maximum of aromas.

For better fullness and smoothness, our master distiller then distills the juice once in a copper still.

Spring water is progressively added to lower the alcohol degree to 44% and preserve Bartolomeo® freshness and aromas.


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